The Vape Blokes repair, replace & refund goods in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. 

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You can claim a remedy from the The Vape Blokes if the products do not meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, with the exception of availability of spare parts and repair facilities. 

You can claim a remedy directly from The Vape Blokes if the goods do not meet one or more of the following consumer guarantees:

  • acceptable quality
  • matching description
  • any extra promises made about such things like performance, condition and quality
  • repairs and spare parts.



If you have a minor problem with a product, The Vape Blokes can choose to give you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. You must accept this free repair if The Vape Blokes offer it to you. If The Vape Blokes fail to give you a free repair within 14 dasy or cannot fix your problem, you can:

  • get it done elsewhere and pass on the costs to The Vape Blokes
  • ask for a replacement
  • ask for a refund
  • recover compensation for the drop in value below the price paid.


Repair notices

Under the Australian Consumer Law, The Vape Blokes will provide you with a repair notice when repairing your product.


Replacements and refunds  

If you have a major problem with a product, The Vape Blokes will give you a replacement or refund. 

Replaced products must be similar to the original product. Refunds will be the same amount you paid and given to you in the same form as your original payment. The Vape Blokes can take into account how much time has passed since you bought the product considering the following factors:

  • type of product
  • how a consumer is likely to use the product
  • the length of time for which it is reasonable for the product to be used
  • the amount of use it could reasonably be expected to tolerate before the failure becomes noticeable.


What is a major problem?

A product has a major problem when:

  • it would stop someone from buying it if they’d known about it
  • it’s unsafe
  • it’s significantly different from the sample or description
  • it doesn’t do what the business said it would, or what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed.


Returning the product

You don’t have to return products in the original packaging in order to get a refund if the product has a major or minor problem. You’re responsible for returning the product and all shipping costs. 


The Vape Blokes can refuse to give you a free repair, replacement or refund if:

  • you simply changed your mind
  • you misused the product or service in a way that contributed to the problem
  • you asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted
  • a problem with a service was completely outside of the business’ control.

the Vape Bloke will not accept return of E-Liquids. if you have a problem with an E-Liquid please visit our contact us page or send The Vape Blokes an email:

If you purchase an item from The Vape Blokes and it becomes out of stock a full refund will be paid and given to you in the same form as your original


Thank You 

The Vape Blokes